10-Step Plan For Getting Over A Cold... Fast!

Despite all your best preventative efforts, you've come down with a cold. Never fear... just follow this 10-step plan and you'll feel better in no time!*

1. Slow down immediately. Don't do anything that's not absolutely necessary for survival. I know the dishes need to get done, but they're not necessary for survival when you have the flu! Delegate everything and anything to someone else. You need all your energy to get well. Don't try to be Superwoman right now!

2. Get to bed as early as possible tonight (and every night until you feel 100%). Bundle up. Bring a hot water bottle to bed with you, if possible. Get a lot of sleep tonight, at least 2 hours more than you think you need.

3. Take a sick day (or days!) from work. You won't be much help at work if you're sick. Plus, you will just pass your germs around the office (no one likes a Germ Spreader!).

4. Avoid workouts (or lower your intensity) for the first few days. Your body needs all of its energy to fight your cold. Once you feel better, ease back into your routine gently. Transition into light workouts like gentle stretching, yoga, or light walking. Save the heavy weight lifting or cardio classes for later. If your cold reaches your lungs or chest area, you should avoid workouts until you recover.

5. Drink a lot of fluids. Water and herbal tea are your best options. You can have a glass of tea or orange juice for Vitamin C... but try to stay away from drinking fruit juices and sugary drinks (these will just decrease the effectiveness of your immune system).

6. Take Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea. Take these at the beginning of your cold, as they will shorten the duration. Suck on 1/4 of a zinc lozenge every 30 minutes (don't chew the tablets or swallow them directly - they won't be as effective). Take 500-2,000 mg of Vitamin C every 1-2 hours. Umcka ColdCare and Kold Kare also work well to decrease the duration of your cold.

7. Drink Throat Coat Tea (from Traditional Medicinals) if you have a sore throat. Sit in the bathroom while a hot shower runs if your nose is stuffed up. The steam from the shower will gently open your sinuses and help you breathe better.

8. Eat chicken noodle soup. Homemade soup is much more effective than soup-in-a-can. Chicken contains a natural amino acid called cysteine which thins mucous in the lungs, making it easy to expel. Make your soup spicy. Using spices like cayenne pepper will help break up mucous in your body.

9. Avoid fruit juices, sugary foods, and all dairy foods. Consuming sugary foods (even orange juice!) weakens your immune system. Consuming dairy foods will produce more mucous in your body, making you even more congested.

10. I took NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) with me to India this summer and used it almost every day. Here in the States, I take GSE the minute I start feeling sick. It gets rid of bad bacteria in the body. It's also good for preventing intestinal trouble, yeast infection, skin conditions. It's a wonderful item to have in your medicine cabinet.

Please note: you MUST follow the instructions when taking GSE. GSE is VERY strong, and must be taken with caution. A normal dose is 10-15 drops in a glass of water (don't take it straight - it will burn your mouth!). It tastes bitter, so you may want to have a small glass of juice ready as a 'chaser.' If you are considering using GSE, read this first: NutriBiotic website.

* As always, check with your doctor before taking any new medicines or supplements.



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